Amy Alvino | Boomerang Greensboro

Amy Alvino

Amy Alvino has officially boomeranged back (now with the welcome additions of her husband and son!).

Prior to coming home, Amy lived in NY and was pursuing theater and working in the fashion industry for companies like Dior and Lilly Pulitzer. She also met her husband during that time. Love for her hometown prevailed; they married here in Greensboro, a wedding attended by many of their new friends (who, of course, fell in love with Greensboro during their visit). After that, Alvino lived in DC, then San Francisco. Now that she and her family are back, they love to frequent favorite spots from Amy’s childhood – including Yum Yum’s and Stamey’s – and are soaking up the beauty of our green spaces and what Amy calls Greensboro’s “healthy standard of living.”