Demp Bradford | Boomerang Greensboro

Demp Bradford

After 6 years in Asheville, Demp Bradford followed an opportunity with the Greensboro Sports Foundation back home. He’s even living in the same apartment building as before, right in the heart of his beloved downtown. Demp shared that he especially missed Greensboro’s downtown while he was away, reflecting fondly on all of the changes and transformation he’s seen take place in the area. 

According to Demp, the time spent away “felt like being on vacation” from the place that had adopted him when he first moved here back in 1998. He’s really enjoying being near family, like his niece and nephew, once again. On any given day, you’re likely to find him at the Greensboro Aquatic Center or Greensboro Coliseum, or hanging out at one of his favorite downtown spots – including Center City Park, Cheesecakes by Alex, and Natty Greene’s.