Dr. Shree Dorestant | Boomerang Greensboro

Dr. Shree Dorestant

Dr. Shree Dorestant grew up on a farm in Alabama but moved to GSO in 2007. Back then, she didn’t know a soul in town! That changed once she started working with the City of Greensboro. She also earned her Doctoral degree during that period, as well as bought her first home. Next, she moved to New York (inspired by her now-husband, a native NY’er). She lived there for several years, working for the NY Department of Environmental Protection before making her way back here just a few months ago.   Now, she has accepted a position as the city’s first Chief Sustainability Officer! Shree feels it’s “calming” to be back, and it makes her happy thinking about how her late mother would be proud of her for returning. These days, you can find her hanging out with her kids at LeBauer Park or enjoying some comfort food at Biscuitville.