Michael Humphrey | Boomerang Greensboro

Michael Humphrey

Michael is a Greensboro native, an North Carolina A&T State University legacy, and a Wake Forest MBA, who has worked in varying aspects of Corporate America, the non-profit sector, and began several entrepreneurial ventures over the last 30+ years.  

Michael represented the NFL Headquarters in Diversity and Inclusion initiatives from 1997 to 2010 including serving as a member of the NFL’s inaugural Diversity Council, established to create, implement and monitor, diversity and inclusion initiatives throughout NFL Headquarters and the League as a whole. 

After years away, Michael was ready to return to his roots and bring his experience and knowledge back to Greensboro. After a quick search for the right professional fit, Michael was offered the opportunity serve as the Community Foundation Greater Greensboro’s first Vice President of Operations and Equity. 

Michael, his wife and two daughters are in the process of relocating back to Greensboro from northern Virginia. Michael is excited for her daughters to be close to North Carolina A&T State University, as he hopes they are future Aggies.