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Announcing Ten New Greensboro Boomerangs

Since the official launch of the Boomerang Greensboro campaign, Action Greensboro has reached out to over 100 prospects and provided services to dozens of talented individuals looking to return to Greensboro. Our efforts confirm that Greensboro is a destination for Boomerangs.

We are excited to share ten new Boomerangs who have recently relocated back to Greensboro.

Michael Humphrey is relocating back to Greensboro from Northern Virginia this May. He has already begun his new role as Vice President of Operations and Equity at the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro. Michael is a graduate of Smith High School, North Carolina A&T State University and Wake Forest University (MBA). Prior to this role, Michael served as Director of Planning and Business Strategy for the NFL. 

Molly Brenner Harbaugh moved back to Greensboro in 2020 from NYC during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. After a year in Greensboro, she and her family decided to stay in Greensboro. They are moving into their new home this Spring. Molly will continue working remotely with ESPN from NYC. 

Caroline Brantley is moving back to Greensboro from Raleigh this week! She is excited to be back in Greensboro, living closer to her family and friends and starting a new job. She is especially thrilled to be back in the same city with her two childhood best friends, Molly and Caroline. Bonus – all three of them are Boomerangs! 

Ethan James is relocating back to Greensboro from Raleigh, NC this Spring. Ethan is a professional tradesman, writer and the star of popular YouTube Channel, The Honest Carpenter. Ethan will be producing and growing his 283K followers at his new studio at the Nussbaum Center.  

Jackson Hoggard moved back to Greensboro after years away in Wilmington, Orlando, Durham and Charlotte working in the construction industry. Jackson and his wife were happily building their lives in Charlotte when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. That’s when he got a call from his dad asking for help. His father wanted Jackson to move back to Greensboro and start transitioning into a position at his father’s 24-year old company, Double Hung. Jackson is now back in Greensboro, leading and growing his family’s company. 

Alejandra Thompson moved back to Greensboro from Manhattan, NY in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. She initially moved back temporarily with her husband and daughter while pregnant! After the delivery of her baby boy, the family decided life in Greensboro couldn’t be beat. She left her job with Chanel, bought a home and started a new role with her family company, Thompson Traders, as Vice President of Luxury Brands. 

Alex Buffington is returning to Greensboro from Charlotte to serve as the new Vice President of Construction Operations at Whitewood Construction. Alex started working with Ardmore Residential, a partnered business of Whitewood Construction, as an intern during the summer of 2013 and continued working with the company through college. He was offered a full time position with Whitewood after graduation. After four years away, sharpening his skills in the fast paced construction industry, Alex says, “The hiatus is over and I am glad to be back!”  

Olivia Helseth relocated back to Greensboro from New York City when the COVID-19 pandemic began and just two months after her son was born. Olivia and her husband, Peter, quickly found their big city dreams changed to a vision that included raising their son closer to family, and enjoying a smaller city, still full of things to do. Olivia, Peter, baby Hudson, and their English bully Zucc officially moved to Greensboro in August 2020. Olivia started a job as a CRNA with Cone Health, and Peter will continue his work with a engineering firm in New York remotely.

Stafford Kelly and his family are relocating back to Greensboro from Charlotte this April. Stafford grew up in Greensboro and left for boarding school, college in South Carolina and landed in Charlotte where he spent thirteen years in the banking industry. He has started a new career in commercial real estate as the VP of Development and Acquisition at Burkley Communities and his wife will continue working remotely from home. 

Reid Soles recently relocated back to Greensboro from Brooklyn, NY. Reid and her fiance are both still working remotely for our NY jobs. Reid never thought she would be able to work from a NY fashion house while living back in Greensboro but it has worked out! She says, “The quality of living in Greensboro is unmatched. We have the best neighborhood, easy commutes to dinner and bars/breweries. Lots of things to do outdoors and parks to take our puppy to.”