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My Town: Avery Ruzicka’s Greensboro, North Carolina

Recently, Garden & Gun magazine published a write-up about Boomerang Avery Ruzicka. The article highlights the California bakery, Manresa Bread, Avery runs, as well as her work restoring her family’s 1912 Queen Anne Colonial Revival home, which is located in Greensboro’s Aycock neighborhood.   Avery moved away during her high school years in order to finish her education… Read More

Fly Easy with PTI

Greensboro’s remote working community relies on the Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTI) to get them to business meetings without any hassle. With 17 direct and 184 one stop flights, you can easily fly out and be back to pick up your kids at school. PTI offers easy parking, short lines and is strategically located in… Read More

Cone Health is one of Greensboro’s largest employers with 13,000 employees committed to the health of over one-million people in the Piedmont Triad. Boomerangs in the healthcare field are attracted to Cone Health for their culture of caring, promise to patients and opportunities to grow professionally. Interested in relocating back to Greensboro and working for… Read More

Greensboro’s Fisher Park Neighborhood

Explore Greensboro’s historic Fisher Park neighborhood through the lens of two Boomerang neighbors, JT Jobe and Phoebe Murray. JT and Phoebe are both remote workers and share an appreciation for the co-working spaces Greensboro offers. Check out the video here.

Greensboro’s Sunset Hills Neighborhood

Explore Greensboro’s Sunset Hills neighborhood with neighbors Dominick Amendum and Swati Argade. Sunset Hills is a vibrant community just west of downtown Greensboro, North Carolina and is well known for their holiday display of lighted Christmas balls. Dominick and Swati both boomeranged back to Greensboro for the family-friendly community and green spaces. Check out the… Read More

Greensboro, North Carolina, is affectionately known as the Gate City, originally given that moniker because it was a center of transportation. These days, the city is filled with artisan-crafted metal gates throughout that represent its name. Pairs of decorated, statue-like jeans are found throughout to pay homage to the textile industry that still thrives here.… Read More

Announcing 17 New Greensboro Boomerangs

Since the official launch of the Boomerang Greensboro campaign, Action Greensboro has reached out to over 250 prospects and provided services to dozens of talented individuals looking to return to Greensboro. Our efforts confirm that Greensboro is a destination for Boomerangs.  We are excited to share new Boomerangs who have recently relocated back to Greensboro.… Read More

Greensboro’s New Irving Park Neighborhood

Explore Greensboro’s New Irving Park neighborhood with two neighbors, Ryan Deal and Alejandra Thompson de Jordan. New Irving Park neighbors, Ryan and Alejandra, share a love for Greensboro’s diverse arts community. From theatre, dance, music, history and creative experimentation, Greensboro offers unlimited opportunities for residents and visitors to explore. Check out the video here.

Greensboro’s Westerwood Neighborhood

Explore Greensboro’s historic Westerwood neighborhood with neighbors, Tal Blevins and Natalie Miller. Just west of downtown Greensboro and south of UNCG, Westerwood is an eclectic neighborhood full of arts, greenspaces and old homes. Check out the video here.