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Rediscovering Greensboro

To the west coast and back again, Greensboro native Elijah Cone has returned from Los Angeles with the addition of his fiancé, Daixi. Elijah has found himself pleasantly surprised by how much Greensboro has to offer its residents these days, citing that lots of his friends have come back, too. He and Daixi are happy… Read More

Impressions of Home: All Roads Lead Home

We’re excited to share that Greensboro’s own O.Henry Magazine recently published an article featuring five Greensboro Boomerangs; excerpt and story link below.  Sometimes it takes a wild adventure in a faraway land to appreciate what’s been under your nose all along. Just as Dorothy in L. Frank Baum’s classic tale, The Wizard of Oz, has… Read More

Impressions of Home with Michael Humphrey

Meet Boomerang Michael Humphrey. You may remember him as one of the first boomerangs we ever announced, back in early 2021 – an OG boomerang! We recently caught up with Michael to find out if being back has lived up to the hype. Without question the biggest change has been the slower pace, a reintroduction to… Read More

Impressions of Home with JT Jobe

After living in NYC, Denver, and Athens, GA, Boomerang JT Jobe and his wife Keeley have now been back in GSO for two years. One has to wonder, was it the right move? We caught up with JT to find out.  What feels “the same” as before you moved away? What feels new and different… Read More

Made in Greensboro: Tal Blevins, Creative

Greensboro native Tal Blevins’ passion for computer games spawned a 20-year career as a digital media pioneer on the west coast. Today, he’s back to his home town building a new empire, his restaurant MACHETE. The new American cuisine restaurant – with a concept that some didn’t think would work in Greensboro – was recently chosen as… Read More

Boomerang Greensboro: First Time Home Buyers

Greensboro’s low cost of living is one of many amazing things about our excellent quality of life. Low cost of living means everyone can have room to breathe and enough space for an in-home office. Plus, there are perks to first time home buyers. The City of Greensboro’s first-time homebuyer down payment program provides up… Read More

Settling In With Sara Beth Verm

Back for six months and counting, Boomerang Sara Beth Verm chatted with us about living life back in Greensboro. How have things changed for you/your family since your return? Many things have changed for both me and my family. I moved away when I was a 20-something young adult and now I’m a 40-something wife… Read More

My Town: Avery Ruzicka’s Greensboro, North Carolina

Recently, Garden & Gun magazine published a write-up about Boomerang Avery Ruzicka. The article highlights the California bakery, Manresa Bread, Avery runs, as well as her work restoring her family’s 1912 Queen Anne Colonial Revival home, which is located in Greensboro’s Aycock neighborhood.   Avery moved away during her high school years in order to finish her education… Read More

Fly Easy with PTI

Greensboro’s remote working community relies on the Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTI) to get them to business meetings without any hassle. With 17 direct and 184 one stop flights, you can easily fly out and be back to pick up your kids at school. PTI offers easy parking, short lines and is strategically located in… Read More

Cone Health is one of Greensboro’s largest employers with 13,000 employees committed to the health of over one-million people in the Piedmont Triad. Boomerangs in the healthcare field are attracted to Cone Health for their culture of caring, promise to patients and opportunities to grow professionally. Interested in relocating back to Greensboro and working for… Read More