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Meet the Team

Relocation doesn’t have to be DIY.
If you’re interested in moving back to Greensboro, NC, the Boomerang Greensboro Team would love to help you find a job, housing and more.

Meet the Boomerang Greensboro team!

Erin Sherrill - GSO Boomerang Concierge

Erin Sherrill is Boomerang Greensboro’s Concierge. Erin works alongside potential Boomerangs every step of the way to ensure your return to Greensboro is smooth. She can assist in navigating professional opportunities and connections and provide information about housing, schools & childcare, violin lessons, where to buy washers and dryers and everything in between.

Cecelia Thompson- Executive Director of Action Greensboro

Cecelia Thompson is the Executive Director of Action Greensboro and the creator of Boomerang Greensboro. Cecelia leads the continued development of Boomerang Greensboro’s strategy, community outreach and corporate partnerships.

Candace Martin - Operations and Communications Manager for Action Greensboro

Candace Martin is the Operations and Communications Manager for Action Greensboro. Through our website and social media platforms, Candace tells the stories of Boomerangs that have come back to Greensboro. She loves being a connector for new Boomerangs and is excited to welcome you back home.

Sarah McGuire - Director of synerG Young Professionals

Sarah McGuire is the Director of synerG Young Professionals, a network that helps young people connect to the Greensboro community socially and professionally. Sarah can assist you with your journey back to Greensboro by answering questions like how to get involved in the community, which neighborhoods young professionals love, or where to begin your career search.