Boomerangs Archive | Boomerang Greensboro

Elizabeth Belk

Elizabeth grew up in Greensboro and graduated from Greensboro Day School before going on to attend college at UNC-Chapel Hill. She didn’t meet Rob (who grew up in Charlotte) until their fateful blind date in Raleigh, set up by Rob’s mom’s friend. Elizabeth was living in the area and managing her store, while Rob was attending business school at Duke. Eventually, together they embarked on a journey to California when Rob’s work took him to LA. However, the emergence of remote work, along with the birth of their son, brought Elizabeth, Rob, and their boy back home and close to Elizabeth’s family.

Sterling Douglas

Sterling is back from his time away in New York City - but this time, as a husband and new father. You can usually find Sterling and his wife Claudia taking their daughter to the parks, museums, or on day trips to support Sports and Music across North Carolina. They’re also big fans of Chez Genese, Borough Coffee at Double Oak, Northern Roots, and Green Valley Grill… to name a few beloved spots! Sterling also enjoys launching new products while mentoring small business leaders and startup founders and exercising servant leadership in the local church and developing communities.

Thomas Perry

Thomas boomeranged from the Toluca Lake/Los Angeles area. While he enjoyed the community there, it was tough just to afford rent – so he came home to GSO, a city he describes as “affordable, accessible, family-friendly, diverse, [and] expanding.” Some of his favorite local spots include Kau, Lindley Park Filling Station, and Taco Mama.

Tim Geraghty

After hearing his dad sing Chicago’s praises for years and years, Tim was drawn back to the city. He lived there for 12 years, beginning a family of his own; it’s where he met his now-wife Maina and they had their first child. Together, they decided Greensboro was the place where they wanted to continue growing their family – reunited with family, and in a much more affordable locale.  

Claire and Pearce Veazey

Claire, Pearce, their two children, and the beloved family pup are home in Greensboro. The Veazey parents are enjoying taking their little ones to some favorite spots from Claire’s childhood – like the Miriam P. Brenner Children's Museum and the Greensboro Science Center.  

Dr. Nancy Ballantyne 

After spending 5 years in Durham, she came home to Greensboro, found a house in New Irving Park, and joined Greensboro Radiology as a radiologist. These days, she’s working on her swing – learning to play golf and playing her beloved tennis. 

Dr. Shree Dorestant

Dr. Shree Dorestant has accepted a position as the city's first Chief Sustainability Officer! Shree feels it's "calming" to be back, and it makes her happy thinking about how her late mother would be proud of her for returning. These days, you can find her hanging out with her kids at LeBauer Park or enjoying some comfort food at Biscuitville. 

William Gibson

William Gibson says he's glad to be "back on his own dirt." William, along with his cat and two dogs (one of whom is a rescue pup), is settling in nicely in the Lindley Park neighborhood. A U.S. Marine Corps veteran, you may see him running or biking around the area at least 6 days out of the week   Last but not least, William is proud to have just joined forces with nonprofit organization Helps Education Fund as its Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer. In this role, he will focus his efforts on educational equity. 

Kate Sykes

Kate Sykes has returned to her home city and is working for Marie Oliver as the Director of Marketing.  Kate calls Greensboro “the Kevin Bacon of cities” and believes “that the six degrees of separation (or sometimes less) are real... I've been sat next to someone at a bar in New York, only to find out within a few minutes of conversation that my father dressed the groomsmen at her son's wedding! Proof that the world is a small place (so be nice).” 

Hill DuBose

Although Hill, Bess, and Bill DuBose just moved back only a few weeks ago, they’re settling in nicely. Joined by their pup, they’ve already become regulars at Johnson Park. They’ve also discovered some favorite restaurant spots, including 1618 Midtown and Green Valley Grill.  Hill owns Clean Wheels Car Wash, with locations in Chapel Hill, Havelock, and Jacksonville... with a new location coming soon to GSO!