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Jodee Ruppel

From a small town in Indiana to the Big Apple itself, Jodee had her pick of so many places to settle down. With a Master’s from Columbia University and experience in the international nonprofit sector, any place would be lucky to have her. Living in Greensboro in the early 2000s, she wasn’t sure it was the place for her and her husband, Christian. Christian had grown up in Greensboro, but, like Jodee, couldn’t yet see himself back in the smaller city. But in 2016, with an eye on making a difference in a real community, Jodee knew she could get involved in GSO. They packed up, rolled up their sleeves, and Jodee and Christian got to work building the future they wanted.

Meet Jodee and see why she thinks you’ll find the community you’re dreaming of in Greensboro.

Adam Paul

Adam moved back to Greensboro from Charleston, S.C. with his wife Elizabeth and two sons. Adam is a cinematic storyteller with three Emmys. Whether he is creating a fishing show with celebrities like Snoop Dogg, producing the world’s first live broadcast from the Great Pyramids with Red Hot Chili Peppers, or creating live streaming events for The Avett Brothers, Adam is happy to be back home in Greensboro.

Meet Adam and see why he loves Greensboro and why he thinks you will, too.