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Joey Cheek

Joey Cheek has returned to Greensboro with his wife, Tamara, and son, Jack. Many remember Joey for winning an Olympic gold medal for speed skating in the 500-meter at the ‘06 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. We celebrated Joey on Joey Cheek Day that year and are excited to celebrate him as a Boomerang today!

Seth Vaughan

Seth Vaughan hopped from coast to coast to make the return to Greensboro from Santa Barbara, CA. Now a Business Partner at the Center for Creative Leadership, he and his wife, Tamara, are spending their free hours restoring a farmhouse on the north side of town.

Madison and Carr Allen

Madison Allen and her husband, Carr, have made their return to Greensboro. Now an attorney and physical therapist, respectively, Madison and Carr began dating as seniors in high school at Grimsley. Back with their daughter, Ellis, they’re loving their Fisher Park neighborhood, complete with holiday caroling outings with neighbors, along with Greensboro’s walkability, parks, feeling of community, and being close to family once again.

Carmen Allred

Carmen Allred navigated her way back to Greensboro after living in both Orlando, FL and High Point, NC… and now she works as Taproom Manager at one of our town’s most beloved drinking spots, Little Brother Brewing. Carmen is loving the easy, affordable access to travel via Greensboro’s Piedmont Triad International Airport as well as being back “in the middle of the greatest state in the country.” When she’s not at work, catch her having a cocktail at GIA or having a meal at one of the many great dining destinations in town.

Scott Smouse

Scott Smouse, known to many as Coach Smouse, has made his way home to Greensboro after several years away in places including Baton Rouge, LA and Scooba, MS. He’s relieved to have closed the gap between himself and his family, back in a city full of friendly people with lots of opportunities to get outside. 

Sally Wielgus

Sally Wielgus has made her way home from Norfolk, VA to Greensboro, a place she’s been away from since age 14. She brings with her husband Ryan and their daughter. After living in some reputable cities, including San Diego and Boston, Sally didn’t expect to be coming back - but the birth of her daughter and the pandemic brought about a change of heart - which is why she circled back to this place she says has “everything we were looking for.” 

Nathan Powell

Nathan Powell moved back to Greensboro after spending a few years in Brooklyn working in the fintech industry. He has held various positions in startups and growth companies across the U.S. and Europe, ranging from product management, operations, and finance.

Meredith and Jon Dewald

Meredith and Jon Dewald are back home in Greensboro! Most recently, they were living in Boston and feeling too far away from their families, so they made the decision to relocate to be closer to loved ones. When not busy with their respective jobs (Interior Designer - Meredith and Pulmonary/Critical Care Physician - Jon), they enjoy seeing all the musical artists coming through Tanger Center and working on projects in their newly acquired house. 

Brody McCuiston

Brody McCuiston moved back to Greensboro just a couple of months ago with wife, Jessica, along with their daughter and two pups. Brody is happy to be back in this place that truly feels like home for he and Jessica, a place where extended family is close by, the craft beer flows freely, and the worst ‘traffic’ experienced is having to wait at a stoplight for two changes when getting off Bryan Boulevard. 

Brian Michael Smith

Part of Brian Michael Smith’s heart has always remained in Greensboro. When an opportunity to launch his business arose downtown, he jumped at the chance. A man of many facets (educator, curator, entrepreneur and writer), he is dividing his time between developing his business here and his work in Washington, DC. He is humbled and excited to play his part in the Boro’s new creative economy.