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Demp Bradford

After 6 years in Asheville, Demp Bradford followed an opportunity with the Greensboro Sports Foundation back home. He’s even living in the same apartment building as before, right in the heart of his beloved downtown. Demp shared that he especially missed Greensboro’s downtown while he was away, reflecting fondly on all of the changes and transformation he’s seen take place in the area. 

Bonita Hodges

This past June, an amazing professional opportunity brought Bonita back to Greensboro, when she linked up with Black-owned construction and cabling company C2 Contractors, LLC as the organization’s Executive VP of Finance & Strategic Relationships. Bonita is passionate about the development of minority-owned (woman, Black, Brown) businesses and shared, “It’s time these groups are at the forefront.” 

Ben Pearce

As a SCUBA diver - certified since the 8th grade - Ben is excited to be home in a city not far from the ocean. In addition to the physical proximity to beach and mountains, he's loving the momentum for businesses and young professionals here in Greensboro and is enjoying discovering all of the new spots that popped up while he was away.

Tyler Cole

Eleven years in NYC didn’t take the Greensboro out of Tyler, and now he’s home again. As the Director of Strategy & Business Development at Global Denim Manufacturing, Tyler is taking advantage of Greensboro’s continued growth and the ensuing economic opportunity. He’s pleased to note that the city has managed to retain its “ease of living” despite its expanding proportions.

Neal Sharpe

As much as Neal loves the natural beauty of his former surroundings in Seattle, he’s glad that he, his wife, and their daughter are now calling Greensboro home again.

Lauren Pacheco

She left Brunswick, Georgia to return to Greensboro, a home she can truly afford to invest in. Lauren told us that while living in Georgia, she hit a point where she was “over the commute from the mainland to Jekyll Island where I was working. I was also looking at moving and rents were climbing down there. Very difficult to find affordable housing and a community of locals in an area geared towards tourist dollars.”

Justin Richardson

Following spending some scorching hot summers in Arizona, Justin came back to Greensboro – and the TREES (he’s pretty excited about this latter part, and we have to agree)! Joining him are his wife, Jamie, and their 3 kids.

Cathy Knowles

After time away living in hot spots like Brooklyn and Venice Beach, Greensboro finally called Cathy back home. She’s thrilled to be living somewhere where she doesn’t have to share a wall with anyone else (after 22 years living in various apartments) and with a nice yard for her dog to explore.

Elijah Cone

To the west coast and back again, Greensboro native Elijah Cone has returned from Los Angeles with the addition of his fiance, Daixi (who grew up in nearby Charlotte). 

April Albritton

After graduating from UNCG in 2006, April Albritton’s career path in collegiate athletics moved her around the country for 10 years. April lived in Seattle, Charleston, Long Island, and most recently, Charlotte.