Boomerang Greensboro | Recruiting Young Adults Back to Work & Live

You grew up,

so did Greensboro

You’re in a different place & headspace today than when you were younger.

Now… we want you back

You have a lot to offer and so does Greensboro:

  • Great neighborhoods at great prices.
  • Vibrant downtown with growing food & cocktail culture.
  • Hundreds of easily accessible parks and greenways.
  • Little to no commute.

Work Remote • Work For Yourself • Find the Right Company Fit
It’s all possible in Greensboro.

If you grew up in Greensboro or went to school here, we are looking for you to boomerang back.

Have a boomerang in mind?

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Our boomerangs are a reflection of our individuality

Some return for family or to raise a family.
Some return for jobs or to start a company.
Some return for our inclusive space.
Others are looking for a better pace of life.

Whatever you are seeking, you can find it here.

More stories are happening every day.

Jackson Hoggard

Jackson Hoggard moved back to Greensboro after years away in Wilmington, Orlando, Durham and Charlotte working in the construction industry. Jackson and his wife were happily building their lives in Charlotte when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. That’s when he got a call from his dad asking for help. His father wanted Jackson to move back to Greensboro and start transitioning into a position at his father’s 24-year old company, Double Hung. Jackson is now back in Greensboro, leading and growing his family’s company.

Meet Jackson and see how's leading and thriving in Greensboro.

To find a boomerang who understands your journey…

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We have space for you to work (& breathe).

Coworking space is available if you are ready to work remotely.
Low cost of living means everyone can have space for their in-home office.
Plus our many spacious parks are available for you to enjoy year round.

Ready to come back? A move like this is all in the details.

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Let us help:
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