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Impressions of Home with JT Jobe

After living in NYC, Denver, and Athens, GA, Boomerang JT Jobe and his wife Keeley have now been back in GSO for two years. One has to wonder, was it the right move? We caught up with JT to find out. 

What feels “the same” as before you moved away? What feels new and different now that you’re back? 

Greensboro has the same comfortable feeling I remember from childhood. It’s a beautiful city with great parks and tree lined streets and truly lives up to the “green” in its name. 

Downtown feels the most different to me as it’s now bustling with activity. There’s so much to do like watching Grasshoppers baseball, going to concerts and plays at the Tanger Center and visiting great restaurants and breweries. 

What are you most looking forward to in GSO’s future? 

Continuing to watch the place grow and evolve. Especially the areas along the Downtown Greenway. 

Why should someone boomerang back to GSO? 

It’s a great place to live in terms of quality of life and affordability. Greensboro has almost everything I want out of a larger city while feeling like a smaller town. It’s also a very diverse place and I think there’s something for everyone here.  Before moving to Greensboro, Keeley and I knew we wanted to be involved in our community but it was hard since we moved around so much. Now that we consider Greensboro our forever hometown, we’ve asked around and found so many fun and different ways to get involved. There is so much going on that it’s easy to find a way to contribute and volunteer or become part of a group that aligns with your interests.