Tim Geraghty | Boomerang Greensboro

Tim Geraghty

Tim and his family came from Chicago when Tim was just 5 years old. He attended  St. Pius X Catholic School, where his mom was the principal (and he tells us he had to be on his best behavior!). As a teenager, he played in a couple of local bands at spots such as Ace’s Basement and Somewhere Else Tavern. He eventually graduated from UNC-G with a BFA. 

After hearing his dad sing Chicago’s praises for years and years, Tim was drawn back to the city. He lived there for 12 years, beginning a family of his own; it’s where he met his now-wife Maina and they had their first child. Together, they decided Greensboro was the place where they wanted to continue growing their family – reunited with family, and in a much more affordable locale.