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Our Gurus are here to welcome you back to Greensboro. They know the ins and outs and are happy to assist you with any questions, from networking to family fun. Contact a Guru today to help you with your move back.

Denise Roth

Denise Roth

Denise lived in Greensboro for 10 years and served in a number of leadership capacities including working for a Member of Congress, leading government affairs for public/private economic development organizations and as Greensboro City Manager. She was appointed by President Barack Obama to lead the General Services Administration, one of the largest federal agencies, and the only opportunity significant enough to instigate our move! She returned to Greensboro for the quality of life. Raising an 11 year old who loves the outdoors,she wanted him to have the experience of the extensive park network and exploring outdoor activities in a safe environment. The airport has a number of direct flights to major cities which allows her to reach her clients with ease. Her family has adopted Greensboro as their hometown and continue to enjoy the parks, arts and the neighborly community. They appreciate the culture of the city as well. The city has a rich history of activism and a multitude of diverse colleges and universities which attracts engaging young people.

Returned to Greensboro from Washington, DC

Ask Me About
  • Raising kids
  • Civic engagement
  • City history