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Our Gurus are here to welcome you back to Greensboro. They know the ins and outs and are happy to assist you with any questions, from networking to family fun. Contact a Guru today to help you with your move back.

Tal Blevins

Tal grew up in Greensboro and attended Page High and UNCG. He moved to San Francisco where he worked in tech journalism for 20 years. A variety of reasons brought him back to Greensboro with his California-born wife, including proximity to family, reasonable and rational cost of living, recognizing growth opportunities in Greensboro, escaping traffic and population density in the Bay Area, community, and wanting to make a difference in politics, human rights, cultural, and social issues. Tal is a board member of Guilford Green Foundation and LGBTQ Center, which opened downtown in 2020. He was also involved with the food and beverage scene in San Francisco, so he started MACHETE restaurant here in Greensboro with a couple of talented chefs as a pop-up experience out of his house. Tal hopes the success shows others there are opportunities in Greensboro to try something new and add to the amenities and social activities in the area. His wife also very much enjoys living in Greensboro and they talk about how moving from California to NC when they did was a great decision.

Returned to Greensboro from San Francisco, CA

Ask Me About
  • Local food and cocktail culture
  • Small business scene
  • Cost of living
  • LGBTQ resources
  • Downtown Greensboro